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lundi 19 janvier 2015


Hey there ! here is a quick post for some nice items i could get from The Project Limited & Fameshed.
Not a lot of items to blog, but i dont know i enjoyed taking this pics. Special thx to my friend Titzuki who setted the scene, i like it a lot :D
About the tune, I choose a cover from the song Angel from Massive Attack by Sepultura, i thought it would match with the mood of the pic.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

jeudi 15 janvier 2015


Heya there ! Here we go with new stuff again :D
Not much to say tonite cus i'm tired and my week is not done >_< Just a special thx to my sweet Kitt for the awesome scarf designed for the Seasons Story, it's so comfyyyy ! :D
Hope u will enjoy it and happy shopping !!

lundi 12 janvier 2015

Give Peace a chance

Hello there !
Not much to say tonite, except i feel peace and love, and this outfit fits my mood perfectly :D
I'm in love with this outfit i can hardly change since yesterday.
So i hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping !

samedi 10 janvier 2015


Hello there :)
Finally it's the weekend, it was a weird week with the events here in Paris. I wont talk more about it, but i just choose the song as a tribute to peace.
About the styling, i have to say i'm just in love with the coat i'm wearing and the new skin. You will find the details below the pics as always, but i would like to say a big thx to Rucy (Aphorism) & Kristyna (Go&See) to give me the opportunity to  share their wonderful work with you.
Hope u will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

dimanche 4 janvier 2015


First of all : Happy New Year everyone :) Here we go for another year of shopping. I hope i will do many blogpost again :D
This a good beginning for me cus i'm gonna blog for Reverie and Aphorism. Reverie is a new brand designed by Paolla Flux, who is a talented photographer. It's gonna be one of my fav brand this year i can already tell it, and i'm sure it will be one of your fav soon too !
I wont introduce Aphorism, but i love this brand too, high quality items, Rucy Byron work is amazing ! It's gonna be fun to blog all this ! 

This outfit makes me think a lot about Lana Del Rey, i guess it's because of the hair and the styling but obviously i choose one of her song for this blog post.
Have a great Sunday and Happy Shopping :)