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dimanche 31 août 2014

Black Hole Sun

Olaaa! Here is the Sunday's post.
This is the new release from Hmaem, so love this dress :D and a pretty new skin from Go&See.
The new Uber round is open too, and gawdddd i bought so much. I guess the Apocalypse them inspires me ! I think i'm not done with it -.-
Hope u will enjoy it, happy sunday and see ya soon.

jeudi 28 août 2014


Hello there! I know it's been a while i didnt post, but those last days was busy busy, in a good way most of time.
So here is a quickish post, i think i will do more in September cus more free time to do it, and i got awesome stuff to show you!
I got a special "sponsor" on this post but i will keep it anonymous (ok not so anonymous finally lool). Just my way to say thank you for being so awesome with me, and not only for that. :D

Just a few words about the tune. I cant stop listening to it, since i saw Flume in a live set last weekend. This guy is just amazing and i'm in love with his music. I'm sure you will hear about him a lot in the future. I can feel this kind of thing.
Let's go Insane & Happy shopping ;)

mercredi 20 août 2014

All Good Things come to an end

Hello there :D New blogpost mostly for La Metallique Fair again. I'm in love with everything on this outfit. The hair, the dress( cus i can wear my slink mesh body with it ) and the shooooes, the jewelry EVERYTHING lol . I know why i love so much sl shopping when i see so much awesome stuff :D
Hope you will enjoy it, happy shopping !

dimanche 17 août 2014

Glory Box

Heya there! I thought August would be a quiet month cause it's usually a vacation month. I was wrong, i think i never saw so much events in the same month lol.
One of my fav is deffo La Metallique Fair, by l'Accessoires. This event is dedicated to glitters, silver and gold, and it's all awesome :D
I think it wont be my only post lol
Have a nice sunday & happy shopping !

jeudi 14 août 2014

Requiem for a dream

Hello there, just a quick post to show you a new Gizza's release, and some awesome items from The Fantasy gacha Fair.
I choose the Requiem for a dream theme for this pic cause i love the movie and i could hear violins doing this pic ( i think i'm not alone in my head, but nothing new).
Happy shopping & Thanks babeh stonie for helping to find this awesome place <3

* Skin : Go&See - Leo Tan

* Hair : Moon  - Ninth Ave revery Greyscale (was available @The Hair Fair)

* Dress : Maitreya - Vintage lace gown bridal

* Headpiece : Enfant Terrible - Moonchild Crown white Rare @The Fantasy Gacha Fair

* Piercing : Enfant Terrible - Moonchild Nosechain white @The Fantasy Gacha Fair

* Epaulets : Gizza - Epaulets V2 - White & Silver

* Butterfly : Enfant Terrible - Moonchild animated butterfly white @The Fantasy Gacha Fair

lundi 11 août 2014

Safe & Sound

Hello there! This is a quick post with item from the new round from Collabor88. This one is quite huge, many awesome stuff to buy. Too many? I guess so... ahah.
By the way i was wearing this outfit for the rebirth party of L'Homme SL Magazine. If it's not done, you should deffo take a look. I'm sure you will enjoy it :) You can check it here.
About the tune, i just thought it would match with the mood of the pic.
Happy Shopping !

samedi 9 août 2014

Do i wanna know ?

Hello theeere ! I'm so happy, i can tell now that i'm blogging for Gizza \o/ I feel really lucky to show you their last release which is  deffo super cute !
I'm wearing some sunglasses cause i smoke something bad for my eyes lol.
I took those pics at the Hesperia of Templemore's sim. It's a nice place to make pics but not only, you can enjoy a lot of lives music show, and a special event  coming soon in this place too. But i will talk more about that later :P
I hope you will enjoy your weekend and happy shopping :D

mercredi 6 août 2014

Whatever tomorrow brings i'll be there

Holaaa, here is a post with items from a new very nice event, Uber. Many awesome designers, which means, more ls to spend... lol since the theme is vacation, i thought it would be nice to make this post with my dear tris at the beach :D party time with friends, what can be better for vacation? :D
I choose Drive from Incubus as a tune, cause i know we both love it and whatever tomorrow brings i'll be there, with open eyes and open arms for her :)

Happy shopping :)

She's wearing :

* Hair : Pr!tty - Yoon - .Color Hud Essentials + Ombre @ The Dressing Room

* Top : Milk Motion - black bustier

* Jacket :  SMS - Long Cardi Flower Blue

* Shorts : Peng- High Waist Short Shorts (Light Studs)

* Shoes : Miseria  - Bliss Sandals - Pink @The Dressing Room

* Necklace : Re -  LUX Celeste Set - Necklace

* Ring : ReVeRie - SeLKieS Rings "Copper"

* Bag : Milk Motion - small bucket bag - simple - blue/oldpink

* Phone : .tsg. Keitai  - Smart Phone - Beary-san White

I'm wearing :

* Skin : Go&See - Leo Tan

* Hair : Lamb - Strangelove for The Hair Fair (event off since the 31th of july)

* Top : Très Blah - Open collar blouse white @Uber

* Shorts : Pixicat - Cheeky shorts black @Uber

* Shoes : Eudora - Nereida Wedges BBG @Uber

* Necklace : Mandala - Inari (Unisex)

* Smoke : Nikotin - Pipe Shadow

dimanche 3 août 2014


Hello there :)
Quick post with a new skin from Go&See again (ty Kikiiii <3 !!), and a nice dress from Hmaem (ty Riri <3!!) and from another new sponsor Nikotin. I feel pretty lucky i got those awesome sponsors, it inspires me a lot to make some pics :D
Wish u all a nice Sunday and happy shopping ;)