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lundi 30 juin 2014

Pretty when you cry

Hey there ! Hope you had a great weekend !
I feel pretty lucky cause i'm gonna blog for Hmaem :)) I love every clothes and jewelry made by Riri, it's really awesome and i think i'm gonna have fun to style and make pics to show you her work.
I will never say enough thank you to Dawson (who is a great dj btw) and Riri for giving me this chance. :)))

About the tune, it's a song from Ultraviolence, the last album from the lovely Lana Del Rey. All the tunes are awesome , but dont listen to it when you down lol.

Hope u will enjoy it and happy shopping !

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Smell Like teen spirit

Ok I was supposed to make this blog post earlier but was surrounded by rl. A lot of cute stuff this month at Kustom9, this event is really one of my fav.
I'm gonna make some changes on my blog next days, and i'm happy cause good stuff happened, i just wish i have more time to do all the stuff i want -.-
About the tune, i realized i never blogged with a Nirvana's song and as Smell Like Teen Spirit was the first one i heard from them, thought it was a good choice and funny with this kawaii mood.

Here we gooo now!
Happy Shopping and have a nice weekend!

lundi 23 juin 2014


Heyyy there :D it's me again lol. Quickish post but i wanted to do it cause i really care about that. I think u already saw some pics about the noh8 campaign , I just wanted to spread the word cause it's a pure love message. And we got enough hate in this world.
I got a lot of gay friends irl, i was in the street last year to fight beside them for the possibility to get married in France. So much haters, it was really sad to see that, but i'm proud i was with them, and i will do it again if i have to do. It's just a question of love, whatever if u're gay, straight or bi. Everybody deserved to be loved :))

I was watching Romeo + Juliet yesterday evening, and when i heard this quote " Here's much to do with hate, but more with love." i felt like it was just the good words for this pic :) Those words from W. Shakespeare still makes sense nowadays.

And that's why i choose a song from this movie too, the funky "Young Hearts run Free" by Kim Mazelle.

Hope u will enjoy it! It's made with much love from Paris ;)))

dimanche 22 juin 2014


Hello there! I wish i could have more time but those last days were busy busy busyyy.
Here we go for something a bit different tonite, i fell in love with te hat i'm wearing, that's one of the reason i like so much sl fashion! U can find such good pieces sometimes :)
About the tune, i have to say i love Madonna, but not those last years, it was my idole when i was a little girl, and i grow up with her song, so i have to make a pic with one of my fav song : Vogue :D
Happy Shopping and have a great sunday :))

mercredi 18 juin 2014

Too insistent

Hello there! Been a bit lazy those last days for change, but hard week ! Thanks god, it's nearly done.
Here we go for the details stuff, i'm broken -.-
Happy Hump Day and enjoy your shopping !

samedi 14 juin 2014

Hella Good

Hey there, new post for tonite will be a mix between The Hello Sunshine Fair and Collabor88. I'm so in love with the new Reign Shoes *__* The fatpack is only 2400 ls u will get all colors for every size of slink feet, it's christmas before time ! Hurry up to grab it ;))

Happy Shopping and enjoy your weekend !

mercredi 11 juin 2014

Teach me how to be loved

Hey there, new post with some of the new Collabor88 round clothes! I'm sooooooo tired i wont be too chatty tonite.
Happy shopping and enjoy the tune it's a chilly good one :D

dimanche 8 juin 2014


Hello ! Lazy sunday for change, but very sunny :D Summer is coming, I hope.
This post is a collaboration with my awesome friend Alkith. I enjoy to make pics with him, so I share some stuff from the Arcade with him and here we gooo. You can find his own version here. It was a nice moment to share and i hope we will have some other like this one :D
Happy Shopping and have a nice Sunday. :)

samedi 7 juin 2014

Under Your Sun

Hey there ! Too many stuff to blog those last days, hard to choose !
So here is a post for the Hello Sunshine Fair, this is an awesome skirt from my dear friend Iva for the shop F.Owl.I feel lucky i can blog for her cause it's just super cute! It really feels like summer. The fair will be opening at 12 am slt, dont miss it !

About the decor, all the stuff are from 8f8 "Icedreams" , u can find that at the Arcade, it's so well made, i'm always chilling there now. So if u want an icecream, just ask me, will be me pleasure to share :p

Hair : Maitreya - Siobhan Ebony

Top : Aphorism - Monaco Bikini Top 1 @The Chapter Four -New- 

Skirt : F.Owl - Balloon Skirt Blue @The Hello Sunshine Fair -New-

Shoes : Le Primitif - Cutout Sandals Nude - For Flat Slink Feet - @The Chapter Four -New-

Tattoo : Reckless - Medusa

Furnitures : 8f8 - Icedreams  @The Arcade -New-

mercredi 4 juin 2014

Ready or not

Hello there! Creepy mood today ! i couldnt resist to make a pic with the awesome Sorgo mask i got from the new  gacha Arcade round.
The furnitures are from Scarlet, at the same event. It was the occasion for me to make a pic with my Wowmeh body, the mesh one. You will find more details below as usual !
Happy shopping !

dimanche 1 juin 2014


Hi there ! lazy sunday for change ahaha :D I know this dress is out for a while but i like it so much i had to make a pic with it ! I'm wearing the new Reign' group gitf and it's awesome! If you love shoes and u dont have this group, join it ! You wont be disappointed :P
About the tune it's the last single from Trentemoller, this danish dj is my favorite, dark and moody universe, kinda new wave but so goood!
Happy shopping and enjoy your sunday  :D :D :D