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lundi 27 avril 2015

The Crawl

Hey there :)
Tomorrow is the last day for this round of On9, so i thought i will do a last post to show you again some nice furnitures from Concept for this event.
You will find too some items for the current round of Shiny Shabby, if u get thirsty, dont miss the Vodka set made by Kunst ! You can enjoy a tea time with the wonderful set from 8f8, some cute furnitures from AptB and some boots i'm in love with from Aphorism.
I must admit I wont help you to save your lindens with this post!
You will find all the details below the pics.
Happy shopping and dont curse me please :P

dimanche 26 avril 2015

Time of your Life

Hey there, hope you had a nice week ! I was really busy rl, enjoying the awesome spring weather, which is not bad!
Today, i'm gonna show you a cute dress from Gizza an a wonderful headpiece from Lode for Shiny Shabby, and some adorable shoes and bracelets from Elysium and Sys for On9. The last day of this event is on the 28th April, so hurry up to go buy those awesome items :D

PS : I forgot to tell where i took this pic! It's a very beautiful sim, named Matoluta Sanctuary, you will find peace and quietness there :)

Happy Shopping and enjoy your Sunday :)

mardi 21 avril 2015

Look what you've done

Hey there :) Here I am again with awesome stuff to show you. The new round of Shiny Shabby is opened since yesterday and you can find some awesome furnitures from Reverie for this round.
You will find nice pants from Aphorism for the current round of the Liaison Collaborative too and some cute shoes  by Essenz for On9. 
Another good news is the Nextgen of Nikotin is available too at the Season Story. And trust me, it's really awesome, you will find 3 different types of joint, and some appliers to customize it to match your outfit or just your mood!
Happy Shopping and enjoy it! :D


dimanche 19 avril 2015


Hey there, hope you all had a nice week, mine was kinda busy rl, but i'm back !
Tonite i will show you some items from different events, and it's a post apocalyptic mood.
Today i've been to the Tag gacha, which is a fun event to do, more like a gacha hunt. You will find all the details about this event here.
So you will find in this post a new release of Hmaem, a body i really love ! Some items from On9 too and a beautiful headpiece made by 7MadRavens especially for the Tag Gacha. I will put the lm from Gachatopia for this item cause it's the place where you can get the hud to do the hunt.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :)
Have a nice sunday!

dimanche 12 avril 2015

West Coast

Heya there ! Here is a new blogpost with new releases from Aphorism for the Season's Story,from Reverie for Interlude, and Nikotin for the Chapter Four
You can find all those items with differents colours and patterns, so i'm sure you will find something to match your style.
By the way, i dont know if Paolla was inspired by the song of Lana Del Rey to design the chairs but this song came immediatly to my mind when i heard it! 
Have a nice sunday and happy shopping :)

vendredi 10 avril 2015

I got what you need

Hey there! Tonite will be a post about On9, which opened yesterday. You will find some furnitures and some items i'm wearing.
I hope you will enjoy it! Dont forget to join the group to get all the details about this event, moreover you will get a gift!  You have to know too that designers will discount 1 color/version of their product with every cycle! Gogogo :D

Have fun and happy shopping :D

mardi 7 avril 2015


Hello there!
It's me again hehe. I think i'm gonna be very active in the next days cus i got a lot of awesome items to show you !
Tonite, it's a very minimalist post for this gorgeous new release of Hmaem. I'm really in love with this outfit and i'm happy i can share it with you. You can find this cape in grey, black or white.
Have a nice day and Happy shopping :D

lundi 6 avril 2015


Hello there! I got a lot to say tonite and many new items to show you !
First thing is i'm so happy and proud to be a part of a new event coming the 9 April, it's all new and there are so many great designers that i'm really excited to show you today and in the next days what you will find there. So welcome to On9 event ! :D

You can like the facebook page to check all the informations you need, and join the group in world checking this link.

Second thing is about Go&See, i will have new skins to show you in the next day, this is just super pretty as always, it comes in different tones but I will show you everyone of it in the next days.

There's too a new release from Reverie in this post that you can buy at the Mens Dept. It's mostly for guys but i think it can work for girls too :P

About the scene, i used some items from Reverie, Anc and of course some items from Serenity Style that you will find at On9 event in a few days now.

I wish you a wonderful week and Happy Shopping! I will be back soon :P

dimanche 5 avril 2015

Time To Dance

Hey there :) Here's a new post with some releases from different event, but mostly from The Chapter four. I couldnt resist to do something with those cute puppies.

I'm not very chatty tonite, i guess i'm tired because of Easter weekend :P You will find all the details you need below the pics :) Happy Shopping !

vendredi 3 avril 2015

Come away to the water

Hi there! It's me again :P Today i'm happy to show you a gorgeous outfit from Gizza for the next round of the Chapter Four coming tomorrow.
I like to do some fantasy post sometimes and i must admit this was really inspiring :D
To set my scene i used some items from 8f8, The Dreamer's Cloudland, so dreamy and beautiful !
You will find all the details below the pics as usual!
I wish you a wonderful easter weekend and hope u will get a lot of chocolate eggs :P
Happy shopping and happy easter !

jeudi 2 avril 2015


Hey there! I'm happy to show tonite some new release from Hmaem, it's been a while, so i'm very happy Riri is back !! :D
the jeans is super cool and comes in different colors, and the necklace is just so funny ! It comes in different colors too. You will find all the details below the pics as usual!
Happy shopping :))