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dimanche 23 novembre 2014

To Build a home

Hey there! Sorry I'm a bit late lol. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Tonite is a kawaiii  blog post.
I fell  litterally in love with the hair i'm wearing. Those hair are based on Chiii, a super cute character from the animated tv show "Chobits". I so loved it when i was younger. I'm really happy Glam Affair made those hair.
The hair comes with a skin but sadly doesnt fit my shape and i'm a noob to mod it :P
I wish you a nice sunday and happy shopping :D

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Stupid Girl

Hello there! I know another blogpost, i got a lot to show those last days, and i feel inspired so i enjoy it :D
I especially like the cross made by Poe for 7Mad (thank you!). I think it fits perfectly with the mood of this pic :D and I like the message too.
Happy Shopping and see you tomorrow for another post ( lol yes yes yes!)

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Born To Die

Hey there! New blogpost, kinda music, but this outfit made me think about a macabre movie, so I had to do something in this style. That's why my pic is in black & white.
I couldnt choose another artist than Lanaaaa Bananaaaa to fit this mood. I especially love this song.
I thought i already blogged it but no. ^^
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping.

lundi 17 novembre 2014

In the morning

Heya there ! New post again, i'm still in a fall mood, i guess it's the right time for that !
Lot of things on this post. I was in the Imeka's sim to make this pics, I must admit this place is super cute. It really worthes to take a look if you enjoy to explore. I think i'm gonna try to blog more the poses I use cus it's the big part of the pic when you think about it. But I often forget to do it, so i'm gonna work on that ^^
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shooopppiiiiiiiiing :D

samedi 15 novembre 2014

Melody Day

Hello there! New pooost ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Sorry too lazy to talk tonite @__@
More details below the pics ! Happy Shopping :))

mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Another Brick in the wall

Hello there! Tonite is a post mostly with items from the Xiasumi School Festival. There were so many awesome stuff it was hard to choose -.-
I had a lot of fun doing this post and i would like to thanks the people who helped me for it.
JM (you can check his blog here) , Zoe, and Stonie babehhh. Thank you so much for your patience and being a part of it !
A big thanks to Titzuki who helped me to write something on the board too cus i'm a noob sometimes. (yeah yeah i am :P) So this is deffo a collaborative blog post hehe.
As usual you can find all the details below the pics :)
Happy shopping and see ya soon for another post! :D

dimanche 9 novembre 2014

If I had a heart

Hello there :) Quickish blogpost cus i dont have much time those last days. Much time or not much inspiration i dont know to be honest. I guess it's because this last week was kinda hard.
Anyways i'm in love with this Aphorism Outfit, and I dont even talk about The Little Bones' hair i'm wearing. Awesooome.
U will find more details below, as always.
About the tune, i just think it matches perfectly with the mood i wanted to give to the pic, listen to it cus i really enjoy it!

Have a nice sunday and happy shopping :)

mardi 4 novembre 2014


Hello there! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was fab but busy busy busy. Not too bad sometimes.
This one is kinda special cus it's already 1 year i blog. Trust me, i never thought i would keep it for so long. I'm really happy and would like to thanks all the people who gives me their support, through my blog, throug facebook, & through flickr. A big thanks to all the designer who trust me too to show their awesome work. I feel blessed. Really.
By the way i'm really pleased to present you the new skin made by Kiki, the designer of Go&See. Let me introduce you Vivienne. I'm so in love with this skin, one more time... You can find it in different tones, i will wear it in my next blog post. As always you can find with it all the appliers you need to fit with your different body's mesh part. Go on with your awesome work Kristyna, you're a boss ;)
Thank you so much for all your support and ... HAPPY SHOPPING :D