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samedi 27 septembre 2014

Say Something

Hello there! I'm baaack ahah :D A break is never bad but i'm happy to come back with awesome stuff to show you!
Some new releases from Gizza and the furnitures are all from 8f8, u can find it at The Arcade, this collection is named La Petite Joie Café. Just super awesome as usual. Hurry up, there's only a few days to buy it again :)
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping.

samedi 13 septembre 2014


hi there! ok this is really my last post befoire going to Canada.
So it's just a goodbye for a few days ! Here is a post with items from The Arcade & Uber. A new release from Go&See too, I'm in love with the lipsticks,all the colors are awesome! I know i'm gonna use it a lot. I like a lot the hair i'm wearing too, think it fits well the skin.
I hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Drop The Game

Hello there! I guess it will be my last post before going to vacation, but not sure.
I like to set some scenes and now i think i'm gonna do it more cus i got a lot of furnitures i never use.
So tonight is a post with a lot of items from different event. And there are new lipsticks from Go&See, just super awesome. You can check all the details on Facebook.

About the tune, i'm just totally in love with this song. Flume is my crush of this year, and Chet Faker's voice is just amazing. Awesome collaboration!

I hope u will enjoy it :D Happy shopping and thx to Hikaru for helping me doing my work place :)

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Under my Umbrella

Hello there! A special blogpost for today. This is more about friendship and  furnitures !
Thank you  Hikaru for cheering me up to do it, and for setting the scene, and even give me all the details for this post lool & thank you Jeanne for being so funny & awesome too (a nice model too by the way :P)  :D
Some moments are precious, this is one of it, that's why i want to share it!
Happy shopping and dont ruin yourself at Arcade (i'm the first being broken cus of this event bahahah).

lundi 8 septembre 2014


Hello there! Here i am again lol Many stuff i wanna blog and since it's my vacation let's do iiit !
Not much items, but i'm so in love with this mask, i have to do something with it !
Something important about the skin i'm wearing. It's gonna be available in a limited time, so make sure to buy it before it goes foreveeeeeeer ! You can find the cab on the details below.
About the tune, it's been a while i wanted to make a blogpost with this song. Creep is probably one of my fav tune ever, i know so much that feeling.
Well happy shopping and have a nice day, nite or whatever...

dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Money Power Glory

Hello there :) Hope you're all enjoying your sunday ! This is a blog post for a new Gizza release! I love this dress. Go grab it quick cus the 24 Squared is a short event (close the 13th September) I made a new deco with some Arcade items, but it's a mix of the previous round (June) and the new one. Most of the items are from Scarlet, Apple Fall and a few items from 8F8.
About the tune, one more time, I choose a song from Lana Del Rey. I really enjoy her last album and feel pretty lucky i've seen her a few days ago in a live show :D

Happy Shopping & enjoy your sunday :)

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Fringue par fringue

Hiiii, quick post with a new release from Gizza, awesome shoes and a clutch to fit with it. You can find it in manyyyyy colors.
I know i'm laaaate but i need more hours in my days.

I'm wearing my slink mesh body on this pic and i loooove it, fits very well with my shape and with the new Go&See's skin. (should i say i'm in love with it too? :P)

About the tune, it's an old one from my french favorite band. This song makes me shiver, just feel like i need to share it.

Enjoy your day and Happy Shopping :D