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jeudi 26 février 2015


Hi there! Thanks god the weekend is coming soon, i cant wait for it! So today is a post again for Shiny Shabby. I think i bought like toooo many things for this event and i'm not done yet to show all the awesome items i got !

I wish i can do more blog post, but i got a serious problem with time, maybe when i will get 48h per days it will work :D

As always you can find all the details below the pics ! Happy shopping :D

dimanche 22 février 2015

Save tonight

Hello there! I know i've been quiet those last days but I was busy busy rl. So for this sunday, it's a post for the new event Shiny Shabby. I wish you good luck with this one cus there's so many awesome stuff to buy... Furnitures and clothes, whatever you want, i'm sure you will find something you like :D
You will find the details below the pics as usual, but you have to know that you can find very nice furnitures from Reverie now, and i'm just in love with this awesome set !
Wish you a beautiful sunday and happy shopping :D

dimanche 15 février 2015

Boat and Birds

Hey there, hope u're all having a great weekend :D Mine is nearly done >_< I always wonder why time flies when it's the weekend...
So here is the blogpost for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival again. I'm so happy to show you this wonderful coat from Aphorism, I really love it ! You can find it in 3 differents colours, and there are some dresses too as common items but i swear every piece is so precious it could be a rare item :)
I hope u will enjoy it and dont abuse with gacha :P

mercredi 11 février 2015

Desert Song

Hello there! Tonight is the special post. I feel really lucky i made this pic with one of my fav girl in SL, my sweet and talented friend Madeleine Zaytsev, u will find soon her own post on her blog, and i must admit i cant wait to see her pic :))
It's not always easy to make a collaborative pic, but i must admit it was a real pleasure, and didnt take a long time to decide what to do. I guess we were inspired by the awesome outfit from Reverie for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opening today)
I hope u will enjoy it as much as we did ! :D
Happy Shopping and hopefully Friday's coming soon... :)

dimanche 8 février 2015

Fresh Feeling

Hello there :) The new round of Collabor88 is open since a few hours and i must admit there are some really nice items this round ! I'm just in love with this outfit, i think i'm gonna wear it a few days. ahah. I feel like spring is coming and it makes me feel good cus i'm so tired of the winter -_-

Another good news, the skin Dove from Go&See is available at mainstore now! If u missed it at the Big Show, u can still buy it for a while. Hurry up cus it's there for a limited time only. Be sure i will let you know when the last days will come :)

I wish u a nice sunday and happy shopping !

jeudi 5 février 2015

Right Action

Hello there, yes i'm already back ! I'm happy to tell i got a new sponsor : Loux. So here is a skin inspired by my sis Eve, i think it works with this rockabilly look, it's been a while i didnt style one but i like it so much :D
To set the scene, i use only some furnitures from Consignment, which is one of my fav shop for furnitures.
Hope u will enjoy this post and happy shopping !


mercredi 4 février 2015


Hello there! Yeah i'm back after a while ! But i got awesome stuff to show you :D Especially the lovely dress i'm wearing from Reverie, for the new round of the Chapter Four. There are many choices for this dress, i'm sure you will find one colour or patterns which will make you happy :D
Maybe i will blog another one to show you in the month, we never know... And i so love this dress i could easily do it >_<

Happy Shopping and have a good week ! And be sure i will be back soon :D