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dimanche 22 février 2015

Save tonight

Hello there! I know i've been quiet those last days but I was busy busy rl. So for this sunday, it's a post for the new event Shiny Shabby. I wish you good luck with this one cus there's so many awesome stuff to buy... Furnitures and clothes, whatever you want, i'm sure you will find something you like :D
You will find the details below the pics as usual, but you have to know that you can find very nice furnitures from Reverie now, and i'm just in love with this awesome set !
Wish you a beautiful sunday and happy shopping :D

Furnitures :

* Reverie Home and decor - Honey Pie - Aged and streetlight lantern
                                               Honey Pie - Aged coffee  table
                                               Honey Pie - Aged books and candle
                                               Honey Pie - Stained  Wood drawer
                                               Honey Pie - Windows and wood plank
                                               Honey Pie - Wood and flour bag chest - Rare
                                               Honey Pie - Bamboo and Wooden Rose - Rare @Shiny Shabby

* Tarte  - Old Rope Light @Shiny Shabby

* Kunst -  Malbec 2007 Wine Bottle Holder 3
                 Malbec 2007  Wine Bottle Holder
                 Malbec 2007 Glasses

I'm wearing :

* Skin : Go&See - Dove Summer

* Hair : Mina - Kaya Dark Brown @Shiny Shabby

* Jumpsuit : La Penderie de Nicole - Anna Romper Coal @Shiny Shabby

* Shoes : Pure Poison - Oana Pumps

* Necklace & Bracelets : Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3 Chocker Set Black @Shiny Shabby
                                          Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3 Bracelet Set Black  @Shiny Shabby

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