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samedi 26 avril 2014


Just need to breathe, i guess it's because of the weekend. Not very chatty tonite cause i'm too lazy ;) Hope u will enjoy the post :D
Happy shopping and nice weekend ;)

mardi 22 avril 2014

The clapping song

Hello there. I've been to the pose fair yesterday and found some awesome stuff. Funny, or just beautiful poses for myself or friends ou couples.
The funniest one i found is from Black Tulip named I need to pee, animated pose btw. I couldnt help to make a pic with it. I will try to share more the poses I use because some designer do such an awesome work!
I'm still wearing the hair from Milk because I love iiiiit. I think i could sleep with it ahaha.
About the tune, it's a classic one from the 60's, i like it a lot because this song makes me smile and I though it would match with the mood of the pic.
Happy shopping, and hope u will enjoy it :D

* Hair : Milk hair - Special Dial * Black * @Kustom9

* Top : NV - Ela cardigan red

* Panties : Swagged out - Wonder girl undies @100 Block

* Socks : Suicidal Unborn - Striped Tubes socks red

* ShoesBleich - Mesh Unisex Hi-Platform Spike Black @Kustom9

* Necklace : Mandala - Taiga Necklace @The Mens Dept 

dimanche 20 avril 2014

What else is there ?

Hey there ! Wish u an Happy Easter Zombie Jesus Day :D
Tonite it will be only a black and white pic. I saw this awesome dress on the webzine Ferosh (u should take a look I promise), and i was so inspired seeing it :D Hope u will enjoy it.
Dont miss the awesome remix from a Royskopp tune by Trentemoller. Very good tuuuuuune :D
Happy Shopping and all ;)

jeudi 17 avril 2014

Young and Beautiful

Hello there! Vintage mood today. I couldnt wait for the new Kustom9 round, just because of this awesome hair from Milk :D I like so much this kind of stuff.
By the way i'm gonna make more black and white pics, because i do a lot irl, and i think it can be great to do some in sl too. At least i will try :D
Have a good day or nite, whatever and happy shopping !

lundi 14 avril 2014

Below the cherry moon

Hey there, still a spring mood :O I think it's because the weather is really beautiful outside. I took the pic on the sim Chouchou, think most of u know it but it's one of my fav place for years now. It's so peaceful and quiet.
Hope u will enjoy the outfit and happy shopping :D 

mercredi 9 avril 2014

I'm like a bird

Hey there, it's me again :P Spring mood again tonite ! I hope u will smell the flowers around me :D
Happy shopping ;)

mardi 8 avril 2014

Fire and Blood (New Born)

Hey there :) Tonite, i feel like a Khaleesi, i like so much Game of Thrones i couldnt resist to the awesome items  inspired by it.
Hope u will enjoy it, the Mother of Dragon is not far ;)

* Hair : Tram - C604 Hair  Shell

* Dress : Peqe - Hybrid Black

* Shoes : Reign - Monarch Heels @The Big Show - For High slink feet -

* Crown :  Alchemy - The Mother of Dragons Ultra Rare @The Secret Affair 

* Make up : Zibska - Noir Eyeshadows

* Ring : The Forge - GOT rings The Targaryen House @The Secret Affair 

* Tattoo : Reckless - Medusa  @The Men Dept 

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Frank Sinatra

Hey there, i got the tune Frank Sinatra in my mind for a while to make a blog post. So finally i found an idea to match with it :D
Thx to the Arcade Gachas Event from March, it helped me a lot to do it. U can find some items from Sorgo, and Keke on it.
Btw Miss Kittin is a french dj i like a lot, she worked a lot with The Hacker another very good dj, especially on this tune.
Wish u an happy sunday !

jeudi 3 avril 2014

Sail away

Hey there ! Meet my friend Alkith :) He's got a blog too and awesomes poses good and cheap ;) U can find some on marketplace Natural Motions.
Thanks to him for his patience with me because i'm so loooong to make some pics. :D
Happy shopping ;)