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dimanche 20 avril 2014

What else is there ?

Hey there ! Wish u an Happy Easter Zombie Jesus Day :D
Tonite it will be only a black and white pic. I saw this awesome dress on the webzine Ferosh (u should take a look I promise), and i was so inspired seeing it :D Hope u will enjoy it.
Dont miss the awesome remix from a Royskopp tune by Trentemoller. Very good tuuuuuune :D
Happy Shopping and all ;)

* Hair : Epoque - Sharp monochrome

* Dress : Lybra - Eloise

* Necklace : Zibska - Imogen

* Make up : Zibska - Noir Eyeshadows - Brigid

* Eyelashes : Redgrave - Cleopatra

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