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dimanche 6 avril 2014

Frank Sinatra

Hey there, i got the tune Frank Sinatra in my mind for a while to make a blog post. So finally i found an idea to match with it :D
Thx to the Arcade Gachas Event from March, it helped me a lot to do it. U can find some items from Sorgo, and Keke on it.
Btw Miss Kittin is a french dj i like a lot, she worked a lot with The Hacker another very good dj, especially on this tune.
Wish u an happy sunday !

* Hair : Little Bones - Full Moon

* Body : Reign - Ravish Bodysuit

* Smoke : Dirtyland - Dirtygirls Pipes

* Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Shaula Unukalhai

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