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mardi 22 avril 2014

The clapping song

Hello there. I've been to the pose fair yesterday and found some awesome stuff. Funny, or just beautiful poses for myself or friends ou couples.
The funniest one i found is from Black Tulip named I need to pee, animated pose btw. I couldnt help to make a pic with it. I will try to share more the poses I use because some designer do such an awesome work!
I'm still wearing the hair from Milk because I love iiiiit. I think i could sleep with it ahaha.
About the tune, it's a classic one from the 60's, i like it a lot because this song makes me smile and I though it would match with the mood of the pic.
Happy shopping, and hope u will enjoy it :D

* Hair : Milk hair - Special Dial * Black * @Kustom9

* Top : NV - Ela cardigan red

* Panties : Swagged out - Wonder girl undies @100 Block

* Socks : Suicidal Unborn - Striped Tubes socks red

* ShoesBleich - Mesh Unisex Hi-Platform Spike Black @Kustom9

* Necklace : Mandala - Taiga Necklace @The Mens Dept 

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