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mardi 30 décembre 2014

With or without you

Hello there! I think this will be my last post from this year. So thank you to everyone who supports me, my lovely sponsors, and my lovely friends who makes my sl so wonderful. (U know who u are)
Enjoy those last days and happy shopping ;)
Special thx to my Jon Snow for being so patient with me when i'm clicking pics and keep crashing -_- and  big thx to Kunst for this awesome wine items :)

samedi 27 décembre 2014

Fade into you

Hello there :)
Not blogging a lot in this post but i have to show you the awesome new ears made by Mandala. You can buy it for a very cheap price for a few days again at the Mens Dept.
It comes with a hud and three different types of ears (human, pixie, and elf). You can switch between the three types of ears with a hud so easily , it's just magical for lazy ass like me. You can change the jewelry, the color..; Those ears are just a must have! You can buy it as a gift too, which is nice in this season of gift.
So as you can see, i'm just in love with those ears ahah :D
Happy shopping and enjoy your weekend. :)

mardi 23 décembre 2014


Hello there :)
Hope you're enjoying your holidays. Here's a post with some awesome items from N21 event, and a fabulous dress created by Paolla Flux for Reverie. I'm just in love with this dress, dont know if it's still available cus it's a limited edition but just in case... It's a must have :D
I wish you a beautiful christmas and happy shopping ;)

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Winter song

Hello there! Quickish post, dont have much to say >_< Just in love with the headpiece i'm wearing and the little bird :D
About the song, I choose a cover from The Winter Song i heard in American Horror Story, this song is so awesome, i thought it would match perfectly  with the pic. So dont forget to listen to it :D
Happy shopping and have a nice weekend :)

mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Everything's gonna be cool this christmas

Hello there! I think Christmas spirit is already here, so i'm gonna try to share it my way, even if i dont like much this time of the year.
You should run to the Frost event to grab this awesome outfit made by Jamie for Heathenesque, it's so cute! Plus it comes with the legwarmers.
Dont forget to grab the free gift at the Arcade too, it's near the christmas tree inside the building, there's a bunch of cool's free item by many designers.
Happy shopping and enjoyyy your holidays :)

dimanche 14 décembre 2014


Hello there ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. As you can see i couldnt resist to put some snow to decorate my land.
I will blog more this week cus i got awesome items to show.
I had fun doing this scene with , i guess you will know why just seing my sexy model on the pics ahahah.
I wish you a wonderful week and happy shopping!

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Take me away

Hello there! Too many events lately, TOO MANY ! I can hardly follow everything. So here is a post with a lot of items from different events. You can find the details below the pics as usual.
You will notice i got some help to decorate ahahah. Cuteness >_<
Enjoy it and happy shopping!

dimanche 7 décembre 2014


Hello there, here with some new releases to show! I think i will post more in the next days >_<
Btw there's so many events lately i cant follow everything but lemme show you this new awesome skin made by Go&See i'm just in love with it ! :D I like a lot the horns too :) Check the details below the pics ;)

Hope you will enjoy it :P
Happy shopping and have a nice Sunday :)

mercredi 3 décembre 2014


Hello there, hope u're doing good. Here's a quick blogpost with items from the Arcade in my new bedroom :P I give only details from the current round. Everything is all around me.

Hope u will enjoy it ! Happy shopping :)