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mardi 29 juillet 2014

Another Love

Heya there! :D ok i'm still lazy but i always do some shopping ahah. This blog post is made to show you my new skin, i fell in love with it. Go&See is a new brand but i'm sure u will hear about it a lot very soon.
I hardly change my skin (even if i got a lot of different styles in my inventory -.-) but i really think this one has something special, and think it fits perfectly with my shape.
Moreover, the very good point is you will find all the appliers you can imagine, which is not so common. I'm wearing my wowmeh body, and it's hard to find a skin I like so much to use it.
The other good point is just if you got any issues,you can contact Krystina about it, she's super awesome (i promise i had no money to tell everything, i even bought most of the products lolol). So please, check the details below the pics, and have a try , it worthes it :)

Happy Shopping :D

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Breathe Me

Heya ! New release of Hmaem to start the weekend. I'm just in love with the top of this outfit, the details are perfect and looks so realistic !
I couldnt resist to the Deetalez' skin from the Project Limited, super cuuute and there's some appliers for the Wowmeh mesh body !
Quickish post but hope u will enjoy it ! Wish u all a nice weekend. Happy Shopping !

samedi 19 juillet 2014

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Hi theeeere ! I know i've been a bit lazy those last days. I'm happy cause the new collection of Hmaem is out, and there are awesome clothes and accessories!
Here is the first dress i fell in love with  ! More stuff coming soon :P
Love my eyepatche too.
About the tune, it's one of my favorite song of Muse, the lyrics make a lot of sense to me! Hope you will enjoy it!
Have a nice weekend and happy shopping :D

lundi 14 juillet 2014

Be yourself

Hi there, quickish post, those last days were really busy ! I abused Stonie babeh's place this time for the pics ahaha.

Hope u will enjoy it :D Happy shopping and have a nice week :)

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Count on me

Hello there ! The new collabor round is out and it's awesome ! :D I took this pic with my BFF Trista, she's such a good model :P Really patient and god knows u need to be patient when i'm making a pic ahaha.
About the tune, it just sums up the way i feel about my closest friends. I wont name them but i know they will recognize themselves :P

Happy chic safari ! :D

lundi 7 juillet 2014

Big Jet Plane

Haiii there :) New post tonite with a dress i'm in love with :D
The place where i took the pics is just super awesome, Santaurio, nice place to chill and phishing.
About the tune, what can i say... Just touch the bottom of my heart. Can't explain that feeling but i guess that's why i like so much music.
Happy shopping and hope u're having a great monday.

samedi 5 juillet 2014

Auf Achse

Hello there ! Not too chatty today, so i hope u will enjoy the post and the tune, Franz Ferdinand is one of my fav band \o/
Have a nice weekend and happy shopping.