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jeudi 28 mai 2015


Hey theyre! Hope you're having a wonderful week ! :)
I'm really happy to show you a new mesh body tonite, Alice by Signature :D
It comes with a hud  for skintones which is pretty easy to use, i usually dont like to have to match my skin with this kind of hud but it was really easy to do for once :) Plus for the users of Go&See skins, i know some appliers will come very soon for this body, so i guess it will be the same for many other brands.
You will find a hud for the hands too, with ten different styles, so it's easy to have fun with it. You can change the feet too (flat, middle and high). And obviously a hud to play with the alpha, enough detailed to wear your mesh clothes with it. I can say this body is very easy to use and with very nice curves.
I hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

mardi 26 mai 2015

Over my head

Hey there, today is a post only with items from Shiny Shabby :D
This event is one of my fav for sure.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping! You will find all the details below the pics.

dimanche 24 mai 2015


Hey there :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Today i'm gonna show you of the amazing new themed skin from Go&See. There's a new fantasy line available in store now and it's gorgeous! I  will have a lot to show you in the next days, like make up and those different skins. This one is the elf skin, So cute! :D
You will find too a gorgeous jewelry set from Aphorism for Shiny Shabby. It comes in different colors and you will find a necklace, bracelets ,a ring and a waist chain. in each set.
About the scene, I used some lotus flowers made by Anc for the Fantasy Gacha Fair.
You can find the uncensored version of this pic on my flickr.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :))

mercredi 20 mai 2015

Hippy Hippy Shake

Hey there! Today is the day of a new round of Shiny Shabby :D And trust me it's gonna be awesome!
I'm wearing a bag made by Paolla from Reverie, super cute which comes in different colors with a hud to change the styling of the details. Amazing as always!
I will show you more items from this event in the next days.
I must admit the current round of Kustom9 is super awesome too, and i couldnt resist to this sexy jacket from United Colors and the trousers from Addams.
Sexy Hippy Attitude :D
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping!

dimanche 17 mai 2015

In the sun

Hey there :) i'm back again ! Hope u're enjoying your weekend :)
I'm gonna show you some awesome release from On9 again, and a nice skin from Loux. It's kinda a romantic & springy mood for this post.
About the scene i'm using some furnitures from Cheeky Pea available at Fameshed.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

samedi 16 mai 2015

In the Shadows

Hey there :) Here is a new blog post with new releases from Reverie for the Fantasy  Gacha.
Furnitures and an awesome outfit to look like a pretty doll ! It comes in different colors, black or pure for the furnitures and many colors for some part of the outfit i'm wearing. About the furnitures, i already blogged the rare item here.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

mercredi 13 mai 2015

The Doll

Hey there! Just a quick post cus i couldnt resist to show you one of the new skin made by my sweet Kiki for Go&See.
I'm just in love with it! And there will be many others fantasy skin coming to have your own style ! :D
Cant wait to show you all that.
So for tonite this is The Doll skin. I'm using it with the Lara Body and it's just stunning.
To set my scene i used the Sub Rosa Marionnette from The Pose Shop for the Dark Style fair.
Get ready to buy it soon :D

lundi 11 mai 2015


Hey there :) I have to say i'm really happy Runaway released some hair based on Yolandi's haircut (she's one of the singer of Die Antwoord) in world cus i was waiting for this since a looooong time!
And it's really gorgeous. You can find it at the Dark Style Fair.
I'm wearing a new skin from Go&See and as usual, i'm in love with it :D
You will find some  wonderful jewelry from Zibska and Meva for the current round of On9 and some cute lingerie from Erratic for Collabor88.
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

dimanche 10 mai 2015

The Bitter End

Hey there :) Hope you're enjoying your sunday!
Today i will show you a lot of nice stuff from On9 and the 6th Republic event.
I hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :P (Sorry dont have much time to talk more ;p)
All the details are below the pics ;)

vendredi 8 mai 2015

Lean On

Hey there!
Good news, the new round of On9 is just gorgeous! :D I'm gonna try to show you as much as I can this month but trust me you wont be disappointed as a good shopping addict :P

This post is a mix of different event, but mostly with a fantasy mood. You will find all the details below the pics as usual ! Enjoy :)

lundi 4 mai 2015

Just a cigarette

Hey there :)
Just a quickish post with some new awesome furnitures made by Kunst for Uber and a cool cigarette machine for Shiny Shabby made by Seven Emporium. I'm using the pose from the machine for this pic.
The Bar Fridge from Kunst comes with many options so you can have a lot of fun with it and set it in any type of scene. Always good to keep some fresh beers for friends :D

You will find all the details below the pics.
Happy shopping and see ya soon :P

dimanche 3 mai 2015

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Hey there :) Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.
Those last days was a real shopping drama for me. It's been a while i tried to resist, but i finally bought a mesh head. One of the last release from Lelutka. I dont say i will only use it but it's fun to click some pics with it. I just wish i will get some appliers soon to use my usual skin with it (Kiki if u read me :P).
I bought the Lara Mesh body released by Maitreya too. I'm in love with my Belleza body, especially with the curves, but I must admit this one is really nice too. The big plus, is the alpha is really detailled so i can use it with nearly every clothes I want.
As i told you in the last post, I'm wearing a top which come with the skirt i blogged last friday, from Hmaem, it's so epic, still for the EVENT@First ! I'm wearing some awesome earrings from Hmaem too, for the Instrument.
You will find all the details you need below the pic.
Happy Shopping :D

vendredi 1 mai 2015


Hey there :) Hope you're enjoying Labour Day. Mine was with a good hangover hehe.
I had a lot of fun doing this pic with some goodies my sweet Maddie gave me from the Tag Gacha. This event is closed for now but this round was really nice. Let's go for the dark side!
To set the scene i used the wonderful Neva Chapel from Scarlet for Shiny Shabby.
I'm in love with the new gown of Hmaem for the EVENT@1st. It comes with a beautiful top that I will wear in another blog post (very soon :P).
This event will start today at 6PM SLT.
Have fun and happy shopping :)