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vendredi 1 mai 2015


Hey there :) Hope you're enjoying Labour Day. Mine was with a good hangover hehe.
I had a lot of fun doing this pic with some goodies my sweet Maddie gave me from the Tag Gacha. This event is closed for now but this round was really nice. Let's go for the dark side!
To set the scene i used the wonderful Neva Chapel from Scarlet for Shiny Shabby.
I'm in love with the new gown of Hmaem for the EVENT@1st. It comes with a beautiful top that I will wear in another blog post (very soon :P).
This event will start today at 6PM SLT.
Have fun and happy shopping :)

* Hair : Little Bones - Vanity Eros Ink Dipped

* Top : The Forge - Banshee Amour Black

* Gown : Hmaem - Nat Faded Black  Event@1st

* Make Up : The Skinnery - Some Kind of Circus 5 Rare ( was available at Tag Gacha)

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