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mardi 30 décembre 2014

With or without you

Hello there! I think this will be my last post from this year. So thank you to everyone who supports me, my lovely sponsors, and my lovely friends who makes my sl so wonderful. (U know who u are)
Enjoy those last days and happy shopping ;)
Special thx to my Jon Snow for being so patient with me when i'm clicking pics and keep crashing -_- and  big thx to Kunst for this awesome wine items :)

samedi 27 décembre 2014

Fade into you

Hello there :)
Not blogging a lot in this post but i have to show you the awesome new ears made by Mandala. You can buy it for a very cheap price for a few days again at the Mens Dept.
It comes with a hud and three different types of ears (human, pixie, and elf). You can switch between the three types of ears with a hud so easily , it's just magical for lazy ass like me. You can change the jewelry, the color..; Those ears are just a must have! You can buy it as a gift too, which is nice in this season of gift.
So as you can see, i'm just in love with those ears ahah :D
Happy shopping and enjoy your weekend. :)

mardi 23 décembre 2014


Hello there :)
Hope you're enjoying your holidays. Here's a post with some awesome items from N21 event, and a fabulous dress created by Paolla Flux for Reverie. I'm just in love with this dress, dont know if it's still available cus it's a limited edition but just in case... It's a must have :D
I wish you a beautiful christmas and happy shopping ;)

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Winter song

Hello there! Quickish post, dont have much to say >_< Just in love with the headpiece i'm wearing and the little bird :D
About the song, I choose a cover from The Winter Song i heard in American Horror Story, this song is so awesome, i thought it would match perfectly  with the pic. So dont forget to listen to it :D
Happy shopping and have a nice weekend :)

mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Everything's gonna be cool this christmas

Hello there! I think Christmas spirit is already here, so i'm gonna try to share it my way, even if i dont like much this time of the year.
You should run to the Frost event to grab this awesome outfit made by Jamie for Heathenesque, it's so cute! Plus it comes with the legwarmers.
Dont forget to grab the free gift at the Arcade too, it's near the christmas tree inside the building, there's a bunch of cool's free item by many designers.
Happy shopping and enjoyyy your holidays :)

dimanche 14 décembre 2014


Hello there ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. As you can see i couldnt resist to put some snow to decorate my land.
I will blog more this week cus i got awesome items to show.
I had fun doing this scene with , i guess you will know why just seing my sexy model on the pics ahahah.
I wish you a wonderful week and happy shopping!

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Take me away

Hello there! Too many events lately, TOO MANY ! I can hardly follow everything. So here is a post with a lot of items from different events. You can find the details below the pics as usual.
You will notice i got some help to decorate ahahah. Cuteness >_<
Enjoy it and happy shopping!

dimanche 7 décembre 2014


Hello there, here with some new releases to show! I think i will post more in the next days >_<
Btw there's so many events lately i cant follow everything but lemme show you this new awesome skin made by Go&See i'm just in love with it ! :D I like a lot the horns too :) Check the details below the pics ;)

Hope you will enjoy it :P
Happy shopping and have a nice Sunday :)

mercredi 3 décembre 2014


Hello there, hope u're doing good. Here's a quick blogpost with items from the Arcade in my new bedroom :P I give only details from the current round. Everything is all around me.

Hope u will enjoy it ! Happy shopping :)

dimanche 23 novembre 2014

To Build a home

Hey there! Sorry I'm a bit late lol. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Tonite is a kawaiii  blog post.
I fell  litterally in love with the hair i'm wearing. Those hair are based on Chiii, a super cute character from the animated tv show "Chobits". I so loved it when i was younger. I'm really happy Glam Affair made those hair.
The hair comes with a skin but sadly doesnt fit my shape and i'm a noob to mod it :P
I wish you a nice sunday and happy shopping :D

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Stupid Girl

Hello there! I know another blogpost, i got a lot to show those last days, and i feel inspired so i enjoy it :D
I especially like the cross made by Poe for 7Mad (thank you!). I think it fits perfectly with the mood of this pic :D and I like the message too.
Happy Shopping and see you tomorrow for another post ( lol yes yes yes!)

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Born To Die

Hey there! New blogpost, kinda music, but this outfit made me think about a macabre movie, so I had to do something in this style. That's why my pic is in black & white.
I couldnt choose another artist than Lanaaaa Bananaaaa to fit this mood. I especially love this song.
I thought i already blogged it but no. ^^
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping.

lundi 17 novembre 2014

In the morning

Heya there ! New post again, i'm still in a fall mood, i guess it's the right time for that !
Lot of things on this post. I was in the Imeka's sim to make this pics, I must admit this place is super cute. It really worthes to take a look if you enjoy to explore. I think i'm gonna try to blog more the poses I use cus it's the big part of the pic when you think about it. But I often forget to do it, so i'm gonna work on that ^^
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shooopppiiiiiiiiing :D

samedi 15 novembre 2014

Melody Day

Hello there! New pooost ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Sorry too lazy to talk tonite @__@
More details below the pics ! Happy Shopping :))

mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Another Brick in the wall

Hello there! Tonite is a post mostly with items from the Xiasumi School Festival. There were so many awesome stuff it was hard to choose -.-
I had a lot of fun doing this post and i would like to thanks the people who helped me for it.
JM (you can check his blog here) , Zoe, and Stonie babehhh. Thank you so much for your patience and being a part of it !
A big thanks to Titzuki who helped me to write something on the board too cus i'm a noob sometimes. (yeah yeah i am :P) So this is deffo a collaborative blog post hehe.
As usual you can find all the details below the pics :)
Happy shopping and see ya soon for another post! :D

dimanche 9 novembre 2014

If I had a heart

Hello there :) Quickish blogpost cus i dont have much time those last days. Much time or not much inspiration i dont know to be honest. I guess it's because this last week was kinda hard.
Anyways i'm in love with this Aphorism Outfit, and I dont even talk about The Little Bones' hair i'm wearing. Awesooome.
U will find more details below, as always.
About the tune, i just think it matches perfectly with the mood i wanted to give to the pic, listen to it cus i really enjoy it!

Have a nice sunday and happy shopping :)

mardi 4 novembre 2014


Hello there! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was fab but busy busy busy. Not too bad sometimes.
This one is kinda special cus it's already 1 year i blog. Trust me, i never thought i would keep it for so long. I'm really happy and would like to thanks all the people who gives me their support, through my blog, throug facebook, & through flickr. A big thanks to all the designer who trust me too to show their awesome work. I feel blessed. Really.
By the way i'm really pleased to present you the new skin made by Kiki, the designer of Go&See. Let me introduce you Vivienne. I'm so in love with this skin, one more time... You can find it in different tones, i will wear it in my next blog post. As always you can find with it all the appliers you need to fit with your different body's mesh part. Go on with your awesome work Kristyna, you're a boss ;)
Thank you so much for all your support and ... HAPPY SHOPPING :D

vendredi 31 octobre 2014

Undisclosed desires

Hello there :D Quickish post before the weekend begins cus i'm gonna be super busy and not much around.
So here is a new skin from Go&See for the event Sad November which starts the 1st November. I'm in love with it :D I'm wearing the Goth tone, but u can find several tones : Pale, Summer, Tan, Dark Tan and the one i'm wearing. The eyebrows are especially made for this skin and i love it too.
You will find some furnitures and items from the new round of Uber too.
Happy shopping & enjoy your weekend :D


mardi 28 octobre 2014

Hey Cruel World

Hello there! I know my posts from October are kinda dark, i guess it's because of Halloween incoming.  So i finally made another post with my Belleza body, I'm totally in love with it. The hud is easy to use & full of nice options, like the 3 types of mesh feet, or different positions for the hands, you can even choose the color of the tits :D sounds funny but i would never think about that!
I like a lot the Flite's mask too. I wanted the nun's one, (i'm such a nun indeed), but couldnt get it so i just enjoy this one :D

About the tune, I thought a Marylin Manson's song would be perfect for this kind of pics.
Hope u will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

vendredi 24 octobre 2014


Hello there :) Just a post to begin the weekend ! Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D (i know i dont have much to say tonite lol)

lundi 20 octobre 2014

Where is my Mind?

Ohhhh Stop ! lol Hey there! It's been a while i wanted to make a blogpost with this Pixie's Song and yeahhh i finally did it !
I thought this crazy dress from Hmaem was totally appropriated for this song :)
Makes me think about a lot to Fight Club, one of my fav movies ever. I'm sure Marla Singer could wear this kind of dress!
Just check the details below and happy shopping ;)

mardi 14 octobre 2014

Transylvanian Concubine

Heya there, quickish post, dont have much time to give details, but you will find all you need below the pics as usual ! Thank you to my friend Titzuki (Titzuki store)  for the awesome pose, and to Kristyna  (Go&See) for this scary skin , thanks to the owner of BSD Design too for the shoes!
I will add the lm for the Bloody Fair as soon as i got it.
Happy shopping :)

jeudi 9 octobre 2014

Wasting My Young Years

Hello there! I know it's been a while, kinda busy rl but i think i'm gonna blog more in the next days :D
I really love the last releases by Hmaem for the new Ferosh, riri was well inspired, one more time. :) The horns for the new round of Suicide Dolls,  by Heathenesque are super cute too! Many colors are available U will find all the taxis under the pics as usual.
See ya soon and happy shopping !

jeudi 2 octobre 2014


Hey there! Here we go for a new month. October is already here, even if it feels like summer here.
I'm proud to announce you i'm gonna blog for Heathenesque :D So this is my first blog post with this new brand, but not the last for sure :)
This post is a tribute to the new Uber round too, Fifty Shades of Sexy, rawrrrr. I had a lot of fun doing this pic, playing wiht my body mesh from Belleza. (yeah i had to buy it lol, it's a must have! )
By the way i say a big thank you to  Petra and Hikaru for helping me to choose my skin to fit this awesome body.
Hope you will enjoy it ! Happy shopping :))

samedi 27 septembre 2014

Say Something

Hello there! I'm baaack ahah :D A break is never bad but i'm happy to come back with awesome stuff to show you!
Some new releases from Gizza and the furnitures are all from 8f8, u can find it at The Arcade, this collection is named La Petite Joie Café. Just super awesome as usual. Hurry up, there's only a few days to buy it again :)
Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping.

samedi 13 septembre 2014


hi there! ok this is really my last post befoire going to Canada.
So it's just a goodbye for a few days ! Here is a post with items from The Arcade & Uber. A new release from Go&See too, I'm in love with the lipsticks,all the colors are awesome! I know i'm gonna use it a lot. I like a lot the hair i'm wearing too, think it fits well the skin.
I hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping :D

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Drop The Game

Hello there! I guess it will be my last post before going to vacation, but not sure.
I like to set some scenes and now i think i'm gonna do it more cus i got a lot of furnitures i never use.
So tonight is a post with a lot of items from different event. And there are new lipsticks from Go&See, just super awesome. You can check all the details on Facebook.

About the tune, i'm just totally in love with this song. Flume is my crush of this year, and Chet Faker's voice is just amazing. Awesome collaboration!

I hope u will enjoy it :D Happy shopping and thx to Hikaru for helping me doing my work place :)

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Under my Umbrella

Hello there! A special blogpost for today. This is more about friendship and  furnitures !
Thank you  Hikaru for cheering me up to do it, and for setting the scene, and even give me all the details for this post lool & thank you Jeanne for being so funny & awesome too (a nice model too by the way :P)  :D
Some moments are precious, this is one of it, that's why i want to share it!
Happy shopping and dont ruin yourself at Arcade (i'm the first being broken cus of this event bahahah).

lundi 8 septembre 2014


Hello there! Here i am again lol Many stuff i wanna blog and since it's my vacation let's do iiit !
Not much items, but i'm so in love with this mask, i have to do something with it !
Something important about the skin i'm wearing. It's gonna be available in a limited time, so make sure to buy it before it goes foreveeeeeeer ! You can find the cab on the details below.
About the tune, it's been a while i wanted to make a blogpost with this song. Creep is probably one of my fav tune ever, i know so much that feeling.
Well happy shopping and have a nice day, nite or whatever...

dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Money Power Glory

Hello there :) Hope you're all enjoying your sunday ! This is a blog post for a new Gizza release! I love this dress. Go grab it quick cus the 24 Squared is a short event (close the 13th September) I made a new deco with some Arcade items, but it's a mix of the previous round (June) and the new one. Most of the items are from Scarlet, Apple Fall and a few items from 8F8.
About the tune, one more time, I choose a song from Lana Del Rey. I really enjoy her last album and feel pretty lucky i've seen her a few days ago in a live show :D

Happy Shopping & enjoy your sunday :)