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mardi 14 octobre 2014

Transylvanian Concubine

Heya there, quickish post, dont have much time to give details, but you will find all you need below the pics as usual ! Thank you to my friend Titzuki (Titzuki store)  for the awesome pose, and to Kristyna  (Go&See) for this scary skin , thanks to the owner of BSD Design too for the shoes!
I will add the lm for the Bloody Fair as soon as i got it.
Happy shopping :)

* Skin : Go&See - Bloody Vivienne @The Bloody Fair (Starts the 15th October)

* Nails : Go&See - Death Nails

* Hair : Little Bones - Kills N°2 B&W @The Chapter Four

* Headpiece : Lode -  Headwears Spirits

* Dress: Peqe - Spoopy Chic Dress Black @Collabor88

* Necklace : MG - Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88

* Ring : MG - Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88

* Heels: {{BSD Design studio}} - Global citizen-high feet-raw

* Poses : Titzuki - Unsure (pic 1)
                Le Poppycock - *Wallflower* All the same to me (pic 2)

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