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jeudi 2 octobre 2014


Hey there! Here we go for a new month. October is already here, even if it feels like summer here.
I'm proud to announce you i'm gonna blog for Heathenesque :D So this is my first blog post with this new brand, but not the last for sure :)
This post is a tribute to the new Uber round too, Fifty Shades of Sexy, rawrrrr. I had a lot of fun doing this pic, playing wiht my body mesh from Belleza. (yeah i had to buy it lol, it's a must have! )
By the way i say a big thank you to  Petra and Hikaru for helping me to choose my skin to fit this awesome body.
Hope you will enjoy it ! Happy shopping :))

Furnitures :

* 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black Chaiselounge @Uber

22769 ~[bauwerk] Brutus Floorlamp @Uber

Body & Outfit :

* Mesh Body : Belleza - Venus

* Skin : Belleza - Jasmin

* Lipstick : Go&See - Juicy Lips Cherry

* Hair : Little Bones - Nightingale @Fameshed

* Blindfold : Erratic - Chris Blindfold Black @Uber

* Bodysuit : Erratic - Skie Bodysuit Black  @Uber

* Bracelets : Heathenesque - Lil Stingers Bracelets

* Shoes : Pure Poison - Milla Boots - Black @Uber

* Smoke : Nikotin - Holder Black

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