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jeudi 5 février 2015

Right Action

Hello there, yes i'm already back ! I'm happy to tell i got a new sponsor : Loux. So here is a skin inspired by my sis Eve, i think it works with this rockabilly look, it's been a while i didnt style one but i like it so much :D
To set the scene, i use only some furnitures from Consignment, which is one of my fav shop for furnitures.
Hope u will enjoy this post and happy shopping !


* Skin : Loux - Eve Skin - Tone LX 05 for Designer Showcase 

* Eyeliner : Moon - Eyeliner Obsession

* Lipstick : Go&See - Juicy Lips Red

* Hair : Milk (Soonsiki) - Speed Dial Black

* Jumpsuit : Candydoll - Belle Jumpsuit red dots @Burlesque

* Shoes : Reign - Midnight Heels Black @Fameshed

* Necklace : Heathenesque  - Hootington Silhouette Necklace @Hipster Fair 

* Bracelets : Muka - Burlesque Bow @Burlesque

* Tattoo : Space Mermaid - Atmashakti

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