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lundi 6 avril 2015


Hello there! I got a lot to say tonite and many new items to show you !
First thing is i'm so happy and proud to be a part of a new event coming the 9 April, it's all new and there are so many great designers that i'm really excited to show you today and in the next days what you will find there. So welcome to On9 event ! :D

You can like the facebook page to check all the informations you need, and join the group in world checking this link.

Second thing is about Go&See, i will have new skins to show you in the next day, this is just super pretty as always, it comes in different tones but I will show you everyone of it in the next days.

There's too a new release from Reverie in this post that you can buy at the Mens Dept. It's mostly for guys but i think it can work for girls too :P

About the scene, i used some items from Reverie, Anc and of course some items from Serenity Style that you will find at On9 event in a few days now.

I wish you a wonderful week and Happy Shopping! I will be back soon :P

The scene :

* Serenity Style - My Space Rack

* Serenity Style - My Space Blackboard

* Serenity Style - My Space Table

* Serenity Style - My Space Chair

* Serenity Style - My Space Drawer @On9 

I'm wearing :

* Skin ; Go&See - Aimi Summer

* Hair : No Match - No regret @On9

* Pants : Reverie - Up the Bracket Jeans Blue @The Mens Dept 

* Shoes : Garbaggio - Platform Pumps Black @On9

* Jewelry : Mandala - Prophecy Jewelry Set Midnight @Uber

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