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vendredi 27 juin 2014

Smell Like teen spirit

Ok I was supposed to make this blog post earlier but was surrounded by rl. A lot of cute stuff this month at Kustom9, this event is really one of my fav.
I'm gonna make some changes on my blog next days, and i'm happy cause good stuff happened, i just wish i have more time to do all the stuff i want -.-
About the tune, i realized i never blogged with a Nirvana's song and as Smell Like Teen Spirit was the first one i heard from them, thought it was a good choice and funny with this kawaii mood.

Here we gooo now!
Happy Shopping and have a nice weekend!

* Hair : Little Bones - Crystallised @Kustom9

* Top : 1992 - Muscle Crop top (maroon) @Kustom9

* Shorts : Fishy Strawberry - Sweat shorts black @Kustom9

* Socks: Cannibelle - Ribbed knee socks

* Sneakers : Nikotin - Forcefield 8 - Rare - @The Chapter Four

* Cats ears : Pr!tty - Adriana - Happy kitty 3 @The Chapter Four

* Bag : Pixicat - Milkbag nr.1 @Kustom9

* Glasses : Sorgo - Ghost Shades Black @Kustom9

* Tattoo : Hiatus - Impossible

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