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lundi 23 juin 2014


Heyyy there :D it's me again lol. Quickish post but i wanted to do it cause i really care about that. I think u already saw some pics about the noh8 campaign , I just wanted to spread the word cause it's a pure love message. And we got enough hate in this world.
I got a lot of gay friends irl, i was in the street last year to fight beside them for the possibility to get married in France. So much haters, it was really sad to see that, but i'm proud i was with them, and i will do it again if i have to do. It's just a question of love, whatever if u're gay, straight or bi. Everybody deserved to be loved :))

I was watching Romeo + Juliet yesterday evening, and when i heard this quote " Here's much to do with hate, but more with love." i felt like it was just the good words for this pic :) Those words from W. Shakespeare still makes sense nowadays.

And that's why i choose a song from this movie too, the funky "Young Hearts run Free" by Kim Mazelle.

Hope u will enjoy it! It's made with much love from Paris ;)))

* Hair : Ink - Homie @The Mens Dept

* Top : Illmatic - Exposed bikini cover Noir

* Necklace : Zibska - Ryo @L'accessoires 

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