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lundi 30 juin 2014

Pretty when you cry

Hey there ! Hope you had a great weekend !
I feel pretty lucky cause i'm gonna blog for Hmaem :)) I love every clothes and jewelry made by Riri, it's really awesome and i think i'm gonna have fun to style and make pics to show you her work.
I will never say enough thank you to Dawson (who is a great dj btw) and Riri for giving me this chance. :)))

About the tune, it's a song from Ultraviolence, the last album from the lovely Lana Del Rey. All the tunes are awesome , but dont listen to it when you down lol.

Hope u will enjoy it and happy shopping !

* Hair : Milk - Summer @Rhapsody

* Gown : Hmaem - Mateata

* Necklace/Bracelets : Hmaem - Take me back Set

* Ring : Zenith - Geometry Ring @Kustom9

* Tattoo : Reckless - Medusa

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