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samedi 9 août 2014

Do i wanna know ?

Hello theeere ! I'm so happy, i can tell now that i'm blogging for Gizza \o/ I feel really lucky to show you their last release which is  deffo super cute !
I'm wearing some sunglasses cause i smoke something bad for my eyes lol.
I took those pics at the Hesperia of Templemore's sim. It's a nice place to make pics but not only, you can enjoy a lot of lives music show, and a special event  coming soon in this place too. But i will talk more about that later :P
I hope you will enjoy your weekend and happy shopping :D

* Skin : Go&See - Leo Tan

* Hair : Tram - D530 ClassicBlack ( was available @The Hair Fair )

* Cap/Top/Skirt : Gizza - Rebel outfit Terracota -New-

* Shoes : Gizza - Penelope wedges Dark Brown -New-

* Glasses : Gizza - Aviator sunglasses (included in Rebel outfit)

* Bracelets : Mandala - Kyara Bangle set Lobeke

* Smoke : Nikotin - Pipe Weed wood -rare- @The Chapter Four -New-

* Doggy : Alchemy - Chi Chi Chihuahua -Spike- Tan @The Chapter Four -New- 

* Lipstick : Go&See - Lipygloss Natural

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