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jeudi 28 août 2014


Hello there! I know it's been a while i didnt post, but those last days was busy busy, in a good way most of time.
So here is a quickish post, i think i will do more in September cus more free time to do it, and i got awesome stuff to show you!
I got a special "sponsor" on this post but i will keep it anonymous (ok not so anonymous finally lool). Just my way to say thank you for being so awesome with me, and not only for that. :D

Just a few words about the tune. I cant stop listening to it, since i saw Flume in a live set last weekend. This guy is just amazing and i'm in love with his music. I'm sure you will hear about him a lot in the future. I can feel this kind of thing.
Let's go Insane & Happy shopping ;)

* Skin : Go&See - Leo

* Hair : Tableau Vivant - Barony Hair  Winter @The Fantasy Collective

* Dress : Katatonik - Black Godess Dress @Collabor88

* Boots : Bax - Regency Boots Black patent leather (Thank youuuu Hikaru  <3)

* Wings : Aesthetica - Cletica Wings Onyx @La Metallique Fair 

* Necklace : Mandala - Yakushi  (Thank youuuuu Hikaru  <3)

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