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samedi 22 février 2014

Last Nite

Heya there ! Not much time those last days. And not a lot of stuff i want to blog so here we go for today.
There's a little message in those pics. It's not totally innocent because i got too much friends around me who are sick with HIV.
So please, be safe. Be in love, but use condom if you're not sure of your partner. You could never know the truth, so the only way is to protect yourself.
Spread the word, and happy shopping.

* Hair : Lamb - Sugar Hiccup Redo

* Shirt : *Coco* - Skinny Tie and Shirt 

* Jacket : *Coco* - Biker Jacket 

* Short : Emery - Mesh Leather Short Dusk

* Socks : -Su!- - Rebel Socks 

* Shoes : Candydolls - Punisher Boots

* Face piercing : Cute Poison - Agelast

* Lipstick : Pekka - Eros Lipstick  

* Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Je t'aime

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