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mercredi 19 mars 2014


Hiii ! Here is another post for F.Owl, awesome bull's necklace, and you can get a leather bracelet with the headband. All the items are in gold and silver. It's just aweeeesome :D I really like the the blush and eyeshadow from Zibska. That fits very well with the skin and it's not too much.
Happy Shopping ;)

* Hair : Little Bones - Eulogy

* Outfit : 1 Hundred - Defiant black

* Headband : F.Owl - Buffalo Amazon headband  Silver -New-

* Necklace : F.Owl - Buffalo chain Silver -New-

* Eyeshadow : Zibska - Phine Eyeshadow Seablue -Promo- @The Skin Fair

* Blush : Zibska - Luce Blush Mandarin @The Skin Fair

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