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lundi 5 mai 2014

Teenage Dream

Hi there :) Here we go with a very kawaiiii outfit today. Most of the items are from the Pink Fusion Hunt. There are awesome stuff which are only 5 ls. All the items are not pink btw but if you like it, it's for you !

I took the pic at a very nice place, Time Out. I think i will take a lot of others pics there because it's really beautiful and full of a little lot of spots.

Wish you a nice week, and happy shopping :D

* Hair : Milk - Sushi

* Top : Gawk - Sailor Top @The Pink Fusion Hunt

* Shorts : Coco - High Waisted Shorts

* SocksTartCake - Pink Cotton Halfsie Socks @The Pink Fusion Hunt

* Shoes : Reign - Punk Fusion Buckled Pump - For High Slink Feet - @The Pink Fusion Hunt

* Glasses : Reign - Hipster Glasses Clear

* Tattoo : Reckless - Til Death Bitch 3 @The Pink Fusion Hunt

* Nails : Forever Young - Glitter Nails @The Pink Fusion Hunt

* Icecream : LoveSoul - Parfait * Panda *

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