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dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Weird Honey

Hey there! I know i didnt post much lately but my rl is so busyyy! I'm gonna try to fix this for November and show you more some wonderful items to shop !
Tomorrow, On9 opens and trust me there are many great items for this round !
I'm still in love with my Catwa head, i really think it's my fav mesh head so far, especially when I'm wearing some Essences skins on it. I feel lucky i have the opportunity to show you the new one for the new Cosmopolitan round.
You will find all the details below the pic as usual. I wish you all a wonderful week and of course... Happy Shopping :D

The Scene :

* Reverie - California Kicks - Driftwood Heart @6 Republic 

* Reverie - California Kicks - Coffee Bar Sign @6 Republic 

* Reverie - California Kicks - Wooden Fish Decor @6 Republic

* Reverie - California Kicks - Drawers @6 Republic

* Reverie - California Kicks - Decor Little Boats @6 Republic 

* Reverie - California Kicks - Color My Life [Rare] @6 Republic

* Reverie - California Kicks - Lighted Log [Rare] @6 Republic

* By Chiana Oh - Follicaly Fearless Picture Brown @On9

I'm wearing :

* Mesh head : Catwa - Jessica

* Skin : Essences - Yati Medium 2 @Cosmopolitan

* Hair : Tkw - Dolores @On9

* Dress : La Gazza Ladra - Autumn Inspiration - Mud Knit dress @On9

* Shoes : Essenz - Merida @On9

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