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dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Give Me Love

Heya! Hope you're enjoying your sunday. Mine is comfy, chilling at home. Just a perfect sunday :D
This is again an emo kawaiii outfit. I really like the dress i'm wearing, you can find it with different style, but i like a lot space invaders :D

About the tune, it's a song from Ed Sheeran. I think this guy is really talented, and it's a quiet song, just like my sunday.

Have a nice day, and enjoy your shopping ;)


* Hair : Miss C. - Scarlett

* Outfit : -SU!- - Alice Dress
                -SU!- - Striped Tube Socks Dark Grey 
* Shoes : Razor - Johnny Rotten Boots

* Accessories : *~*Illusions*~* - *~*Angel Headwings
                         +REDRUM+  - Nerd Glasses - Black
                         -RYCA- - Ring TF Gem Silver
                         dl:: -  DL Face Piercings 01
                         dl:: Sculpted Long Nails
* Tattoo : Aitui Tattoo - Classroom Notes

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