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jeudi 21 novembre 2013

Golden Brown

Heya there ! So i want to share the outfit because i like it, especially the hair from !Lamb store. (see the details below), but moreover,  I want to share the place, The Black Basalt Beach. I would never enough say thank you to my friend Shauniii for sharing this place with me. I've ever took some pics there, you can check it here
I fell in love with it. And Rose, her owner, is just awesome and she knows how to welcome people on her place. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

* Hair : !Lamb - Love Potion

* Dress : [NV] - Ross Blouse -Bleach Brown

* Shoes - .: ryvolter :. -  Malin Thigh High Boots

* Accessories  : Cute Poison - Stellar Piercings Candy Metals Edition
                          Cute Poison - Quixotic Piercings
                          dl:: -  Sculpted Long Nails
                          [MANDALA] -  Utamaro Bracelet
 * Tattoo : Letis Tattoo -  Ti Tso Ras Algethi

* Make up : [PF] - Elly Cosmetics <Maple> - Glam Lipstick (Coral Splash)

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