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mardi 5 novembre 2013

Rockabilly Party

If you've heard nothing about The Rockabilly Fashion Fair, you're not playing SL. I really enjoy this fashion event because I like pin up & rockabilly stuffs :)
I'm glad because I shared this event with my little munster Shauniii. It was haaard  to get our items because SL was a bish tonite,  but that worthed it. You can see her post about it there :)

On the left, Shauniii:

* Hair:   Xenia II - Miss C.

* Dress:  [RetroBilly Collection] Froufrou Dress Licorice - MoDANNA @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Skin:  Ava Rockabilly Sunkissed  -  -Belleza- @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Heels:  My Satin Bow Pumps ) Black -  _ Blah.: ( @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Tats :  -- h i a t u s -- and Letis

On the right, Chanty:

* Hair:  -  Temptation - Ash - Little Bones @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Outfit:   Red Black Striped Mesh Retro Dress - .:SS:. @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Shoes:  Lovesick Boots - Razor @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

* Accessories:   Heartbreaker Mesh necklace - .HW. @Rockabilly Fashion Fair
                          Sweet Attitude Black -  *** Just You Jewels *** @Rockabilly Fashion Fair
                          Stellar Piercings Candy Metals Edition - Cute poison
                          Set702 -  G.G Addicted Piercing

* Make Up:      Elly Glam Lipstick Vamp - Pink Fuel 
                         Unisex Razor Blush - Pink Acid @Rockabilly Fashion Fair   
* Tattoo:          Key to my heart - [ZENTRO] @Rockabilly Fashion Fair

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