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lundi 25 novembre 2013

Special Needs

Hiii there :) New post for Cosmo, and SSSS too :) My hairs are emosad today, but i had a great time with my friends, so dont worry about it :D . Thx to Shady and Tris for letting me use their nice home for making my pics. I love uuuu my girlz.

About the tune,to my mind, it's a classic one, Everybody's got Special Needs, including me. ;-)
Hope you'll enjoy your shopping :D :D :D

* Hair : Boon - Lok255

* Outfit : Lumiere - Knitted Outfit exclusivity for SSSS, only one day event on the 25 november

* Shoes : ] ReV.INK [ - Chuck Shoes Denim Blue

* Accessories :  dl:: - DJ's Headphones with mouth wire
                         dl:: - Regret Mouth Piercing
                         dl:: - Sculpted Long Nails
                        [MANDALA] - Ero Sensei Necklace
* Tattoo : [ZENTRO] - Libra Tattoo exclusivity for CSR 

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